About Us

The Morton Community Healthcare Centre (MCHC) is owned and operated by the Morton Community Healthcare Corporation, a not-for-profit, operating under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors. Since 2009, the facility has housed a team of dedicated family physicians and allied health care practitioners who are members of the Chemong Family Health Organization. There are currently over 6,000 persons registered and receiving care from this team at the MCHC site.

Also located on site are the MCHC Office, the Peterborough Family Health Team (PFHT) Clinic and the Lakefield Physiotherapy and Foot Healthcare Clinic.

The MCHC has the following sources of revenue:


  • The rental income received from the Family Health Organization and the PFHT
  • The tenant businesses
  • The revenue generated from the paid, on-site parking
  • The revenue from the solar power panels installed under the Ontario Power Authority MicroFit Program
  • Community donations

Scent Free Policy

The MCHC is a scent free facility. For the comfort and health of our patients, staff and physicians, we request that you refrain from smoking and using scented products prior to visiting the Centre.

The family health team is working to reduce the presence of scented products that are known to induce Scent Sensitivity. Many individuals have become hypersensitive to common chemical and environmental stimuli. This is known as Fragrance or Scent Sensitivity. Common triggers, such as perfumes and personal care products are known to cause symptoms in people with these sensitivities. Symptoms may include fatigue, rashes, dizziness, migraine headaches and difficulty breathing.

Mission / Vision

The MCHC Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning initiative in the spring of 2016 and subsequently published a five -year strategic plan covering the period 2016 – 2020. A new strategic planning process will be initiated in 2019.

The vision of the MCHC is to facilitate quality healthcare for the people of Selwyn, Douro-Dummer and North Kawartha Townships. The centre was built to establish and promote unique healthcare solutions that meet evolving needs of a rural community. Our mission includes a mandate to service the needs of both permanent community members and seasonal residents who require primary care while geographically separated from their regular care providers. Services are based on a family health team model of care that is integrated and meets the needs of the whole person.


The MCHC offers onsite parking for a $3 fee, payable upon exit. A change machine is located within the facility for your convenience. The parking funds collected are critical in maintaining the financial viability and operation of the Facility. This includes the cost of operating the Bloodletting Clinic that serves over 500 patients per month. We ask for your support in helping us provide exceptional healthcare opportunities in our community through your patronage of our parking facility.


We respectfully request that the area directly in front of the office doors be used for short term drop off only. Please park in the delineated spaces in the parking lot.  The area directly in front of the building must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.


A Community-Driven Success Story

The Morton Community Healthcare Centre (MCHC) stands today as a model of what can be achieved when a community works together to obtain improved healthcare for its people. The realization of the MCHC project is a testament to the strength of our region and its citizens. In 2001, more than 5,000 residents were without a doctor in the Lakefield and Douro Dummer area. Doctors in Ontario had been leaving general practice, and even moving to the United States, creating a deficit of primary health care physicians to address the needs of communities, including those in rural settings. There was a clear need to establish a new centre.

The dream of developing a state -of -the -art community healthcare facility, designed to attract and retain healthcare professionals, gave rise to a Foundation made up of both residents and business people. The foundation received overwhelming support from a team of dedicated volunteers who shared the vision of providing quality healthcare for both the local community and seasonal visitors to the region.

The Morton Community Healthcare Centre opened its doors in 2009, following three years of fund-raising, a generous donation of land for the building site, and much careful planning and construction. By the time the doors opened, the Foundation had raised $4.4 million through an outpouring of community support described as “nothing short of magical” by the Foundation chairperson.

Dedicated residents, the business community, service clubs, churches, other community organizations, local entertainers, and community-minded philanthropists all contributed to the goal of bringing medical care and services to our area! In addition, local and provincial governments contributed approximately 20% of the funds raised for the facility.

A legion of dedicated volunteers was at the core at the campaign. Throughout the whole process, volunteers worked selflessly and tirelessly by serving on the Foundation board and various committees, staffing the campaign office, answering phones, receiving donations, and organizing and staging events … in summary, our community volunteers “made it all happen”.

Our community is justifiably proud of this exceptional accomplishment and the medical facility known as Morton Community Healthcare Centre. Together, we have “realized the dream” and brought much-needed medical care to our community.

Board of Directors

Sue Bell-Gastle – Chair

David Bignell – Vice-Chair

Mike Baxter – Recording Secretary

David Morton – Public Relations Com. Chair

Robin Robb – Governance Com. Chair

Ron Fotheringham – Finance Com. Chair

John Runza – Property Com. Chair

Bryan Kingdon

Dr. Tom Bell

John Boyko

Cathy Pearcy

Dr. Dan Houpt

David Myrvold

Sarah McMahon

Nicole Truman